Healing From Internalized Whiteness

Rather: Healing From the Belief that You Need to be Healed From Internalized Whiteness

Keri Smith of Deprogrammed


I wrote a satirical piece last week about social justice con-men using racist SJW ideology to make money off of people who have bought into it and are seeking absolution for their perceived sins of whiteness or maleness or some other kind of “privilege.” Perhaps one of the grossest of these indoctrination seminars is the “Healing From Internalized Whiteness” 3-Day Training offered by Everyday Feminism. Cough up $475 — $600 and you too can learn the ideologically correct answers to these burning questions from their website, below.

In the interest of keeping you from becoming the monster you fight (for this course and others like it *are meant* to turn you into a racist if you aren’t already) I’m going to answer their questions below, for free. Hopefully this will not only save you some money and sanity, but it will prevent you from cultivating racial prejudice and unearned guilt and fear as a result of buying into this toxic belief system.


  • How can I make sure I don’t accidentally say something racist — when I don’t know what’s racist and what’s not?

How can you not know what’s racist? Are you judging someone based on their race and treating them differently because of it? That’s racist.

If you’re confused about what racism is, I’d suggest you stop buying into convoluted and manipulated redefinitions of the term that make it possible for you to fear being “accidentally” racist because you no longer know what is racist and what’s not. There is a reason this ideology seeks to confuse you with the bogus prejudice + power redefinition. You can control people by controlling language. Quit letting them control you with nonsense.

  • How can I know what to do without burdening a person of color to educate me — but still somehow follow their leadership?

See, what you’re doing here is treating people of color differently because of their race. That’s racism. Do you equally worry about “burdening” white…