A Liberal for Trump

I’m voting for Trump because the Democratic Party is no longer liberal.

Keri Smith of Deprogrammed


Hello, my name is Keri and I’m a liberal who is voting for Donald Trump.

A little background, I used to be a “Social Justice Warrior.” For 20 years I was a true believer, who preached this evil ideology, fully convinced that it was the way to end racism and sexism. It took me two decades to realize it IS racism. It IS sexism.

Before the 2016 election, I went down a rabbit hole of videos of Trump supporters being assaulted by people who were supposed to be on my side, who were supposed to be liberals and progressives. I was left in tears, utterly shocked and repulsed. Because the legacy media had not told me this was happening. Matter of fact, they had sold me, and I had bought without sufficient evidence, the opposite narrative.

I still cried the night Trump won. Because I still believed the things I was told to believe about him, without forming my own opinion. Social Justice Warriors do a lot of that. But it became really important for me to figure out why he won, because I wanted to prevent it from happening again in 2020. So I started leaving my carefully cultivated echochamber. I started seeking out other points of view, and actually *listening* to why people voted for him, instead of projecting and telling them what the media had told me were their reasons. I started meeting Trump voters, most of whom did not fit the stereotype I’d been sold.

And in the past four years I watched as my old ideology, Social Justice Marxism, went mainstream. In the past few months in particular it has become culturally dominant to the point where it is being spoken by all of our major corporations, by academia, by entertainment, by Big Social, by the Legacy Media, and by the Democratic Party, my old party.

Social Justice Marxism teaches us that the way to end racism and sexism is by becoming racists and sexists. It tells us we MUST treat people differently on the basis of race and sex. It teaches us it’s impossible to be racist towards one particular race or one particular sex — gee I wonder what could possibly go wrong with indoctrinating children to believe this?